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					int a = 10;
					For(int i = 0; i < a; i++){
						print "Hello World";

I am a student at Sheridan College, who is very passionate about the evolving industry of computer science. I enjoy working as a system analyst and as a computer programmer, using my troubleshooting and diagnostic skills to resolve challenging issues. Furthermore, taking those frameworks and implementing them into exceptional code. I love being able to use the latest technology to resolve real world problems and constantly looking for new challenges to improve my critical thinking, and the ability to optimize a system for productivity. I pride myself in being detail oriented and able to fluently communicate ideas in a technical and non-technical way in a team environment. I have 7 years of educational experience and 2 years of personal experience as a programming utilizing languages such as Java, JavaScript, C, and C#. I’m fluent in many other languages such as: JavaFX, JQuery, Visual Basic(VBA), P basic, Python , C++, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, Shell Scripting, PHP, SQL, proficient in writing, testing, and debugging code and documents.